Discover a game that bridge the gap between CCG and family card games. The common ground for everyone to have fun and get the deeper strategies that traditional CCG bring to the table while still being accessible.

-18 unique card designs including:
-4 Meytamon creatures, each have an evolution
-4 attacks types
-8 effect cards that enhances tactical gameplay
-4 Life point tracker cards

For a total of 88 cards, from which 80 are the actual deck card used.

Multiple game modes, all with the same cards all included in the box:
-Family friendly mode for 2 to 4 players with a shared deck, simply shuffle and get started
-1 vs 1 with predefined 40 cards desk and perfect balance for each player
-1 vs 1 pick and choose mode where each player select their own cards, for advanced players. Be careful of the card you leave to your opponent
-1 vs 1 competitive and remote playing, using 2 games. You can go for a all cards deck and let luck plays its role or a 40 card deck, predefined or fully custom made, but choose each card wisely!

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